Guidelines on Claiming Casino Bonuses

When you sign-up for an online casino membership, you are immediately offered an enticing amount of money known as casino bonus.

This type of casino bonus is specifically termed as a sign-up bonus. Another type of bonus is called a referral bonus that you earn whenever you get a friend sign up in a casino site. Reload bonuses add up every time you deposit.

These bonuses, however, are not made available for you to withdraw instantaneously. You have to meet certain requirements so you can claim them. Here are some facts to guide you through the steps on claiming casino bonuses.

Online casinos usually make these bonuses available to you after you have bet a pre-determined amount of cash. For a reload bonus, this amount is a factor of the sum of money you deposited. In general, this amount is also directly related to the bonus you gained.
Sometimes a player is required to play a certain game a number of times for him or her to be closer to getting the bonus he or she is due.

Bonus codes are usually required for so that you can claim your bonuses. They are usually found on the online casino site and make sure you take note of them even before you sign up. When you have already completed the claiming requirements, you may either opt to cash out your bonus or use it to wager on another game.

Some of the points you should take a look at when choosing a website based on bonuses include: the bonus value, terms and conditions for claiming the bonus, and a quick calculation to compare the betting amount with the known house edge so you could assess if you are actually gaining something as you strive to claim the bonus.

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Last Updated 26 July 2017
Guidelines on Claiming Casino Bonuses